"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Report on Mission Forum meeting held on 2 July 207

Key issues discussed at Mission Forum meeting 2 July 2017

Reports were not required on this occasion as the main item was to discuss the Natural Church Development Conference attended by Bev and Marjory Hudson and Ray and Irene Maycock. There was no representation at the meeting from the Roma group. A devotional period was led by Adrian Horwood and Major Nigel Schultz.

Main items discussed:

Matters brought forward from previous meetings:

  • Approval was given to the installation of blinds and a decision was reached regarding type and colour
  • Portable air conditioning units were discussed. One has already been purchased and it was agreed a further one which should, with the support of the blinds, help for the moment
  • The freezer in the Foodbank cupboard may be surplus to requirements. Its usage will be monitored
  • The unsatisfactory dishwasher in the main kitchen will be replaced with a more suitable machine
  • Safeguarding training, particularly regarding vulnerable adults, is in progress and the importance of this was stressed with concern expressed about the Roma church
  • Some building decoration is needed
  • Repair of the lobby floor is in hand as is the issue of the main door locks and chains
  • No fire concerns exist but training is advised including familiarisation with fire exits and fire drill.

Further key issues:

  • A worship plan for the remainder of the year has been published
  • Meeting attendances suffered in 2013 whilst we were out of our building. There has been a slow and minor recovery. Soldiers are down 20% and Adherents 50% over the last 10 year period during which time national church membership has declined by 50%.
  • A PowerPoint presentation was given by Ray Maycock on the NCD Conference and it was agreed a group would meet to discuss if and how this could be introduced in a beneficial way to the Corps. It was considered beneficial to repeat the NCD survey on an annual basis to take a regular temperature check of Corps members.