"Bringing Christ to People and People to Christ"

Chatham Corps Values

  1. Our actions are motivated by our love for God and our desire to glorify Him
  2. All people matter to God s people and we love and care for them equally, whether existing or potential members of our fellowship
  3. Teamwork, freedom to take initiative and effective communication are guiding principles of our process and organisation
  4. As DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ we deepen and broaden our spiritual lives
  5. We explore all aspects of EVANGELISM and empower people to achieve our mission of bringing Christ to people and people to Christ
  6. Our FELLOWSHIP is open, accessible and at the centre of the Medway community where all can come and feel they belong. Relationships are authentic and people speak and act without being judged
  7. We have a healthy balance of church life and activity supported through the effective allocation of RESOURCES
  8. We value people s God-given skills, talents and gifts, offering opportunity and freedom to discover and use them in God s SERVICE
  9. The teaching found in God s word is the basis for our WORSHIP and instructs all our plans

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